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Build Definitions As Code

What is a build definition as code?

The concept of a build definition as code as it relates to a build server for continuous integration means using an actual declarative language to define how your build should works instead of using a web user interface to define your build steps. You can use a general purpose programming language, . . .

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November 28, 2017

Azure IoT: Getting Started with our Cyber Chicken Coup

I figured since I fell into the parent trap of "Dad, we promise we'll take care of them — this time it's chickens edition" I might as well play around with some electronics to them take care of the them.

Silvrback blog image

So I picked up a official Azure Internet of Things developer kit, frankly because the price seemed . . .

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November 20, 2017

Distributed Teams Can Succeed

How is your company setup for distributed work?

The latest big name company bringing home their home reporting teams has made me finally want to attempt to document my thoughts on the topic. When it comes to teams working from home I don't see this is a zero sum game but more of a sliding scale. One side the tank is empty and . . .

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November 14, 2017

Feature branches are not evil

I seem to get a lot of source control, build and other CICD content in front of me during the course of a day. One of the reoccurring themes that comes up occasionally is against feature branching. The argument usually suggests the following approach.

when doing feature branching your CI stands for "continuous . . .

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November 13, 2017

Automated Builds: A Simple Step to Avoid a Time Bomb

Your CI build has a hidden flaw

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After you get your new continuous integration build initially configured you get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your build labor. You check in your code and watch your build pipeline magically spring into action. As you progress you might add a branch spec or two and now you are down the . . .

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November 06, 2017


Visual Studio Team Services Command Line Interface

In a previous post I did a brief tour of parsing command line arguments for your .NET console applications using the new CommandLineUtils package from Microsoft.

As a command line junkie of sorts and a big fan of the Hub project from GitHub I was looking for a quick way to status information from my current VSTS projects. Things like . . .

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July 12, 2017

Parsing Command Args in .NET

All your commands are belong to us

The Command Line - Learn to Love It

I like the web. I like GUIs but there is something about just 'talking to the computer' in a low level way without a lot ceremony - the command line interface. I think this is a result of my first experience with computers playing Orgeon Trail, drawing with Logo and trying 'logic' . . .

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June 18, 2017