Eric Williams

Using VSCode as your git editor

I noticed that the latest revisions of the git installer was showing VSCode as an option to be the git editor. This means for features where you have to work with a commit message or a rebase todo you can use VS Code to do your task.

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To enable this all you have to do is add a line under your [core] node so that you have the . . .

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January 25, 2018

DotNetZero vNext

I've been working on a new version of dotnetzero (formerly psakezero). This v2 version has a number of changes that were fun to build.

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Large refactoring into smaller PowerShell functions

I'm trying out an approach that takes each PowerShell function and places them into their own file. This was for a couple . . .

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January 09, 2018


Visual Studio Team Services Command Line Interface

In a previous post I did a brief tour of parsing command line arguments for your .NET console applications using the new CommandLineUtils package from Microsoft.

As a command line junkie of sorts and a big fan of the Hub project from GitHub I was looking for a quick way to status information from my current VSTS projects. Things like . . .

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July 12, 2017

Parsing Command Args in .NET

All your commands are belong to us

The Command Line - Learn to Love It

I like the web. I like GUIs but there is something about just 'talking to the computer' in a low level way without a lot ceremony - the command line interface. I think this is a result of my first experience with computers playing Orgeon Trail, drawing with Logo and trying 'logic' . . .

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June 18, 2017

Conditional Includes For Git Config

Auto-manually keeping your git identities separate between work & personal accounts

I have a section of script in my profile that looks at my current directory and if it is in my root code directory my profile script calls git config --global $personal_email. If the current directory is my work code sub-directory my . . .

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May 11, 2017

Gitflow and Gitversion wrapped in Powershell

Silvrback blog image I'm pretty happy with the balance the branching strategy that gitflow brings to teams. I think it adds just enough rigor with declared releases and features with the agility to being able to move fast for hotfixes and keep production humming along. Getting of continuous delivery pipelines against them is fairly straightforward.

. . .

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April 18, 2017

Adding Let's Encrypt to your Azure Web App

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Securing your Azure Web App with a SSL certificate

This is no longer an option. Sites need to be served over SSL and I don't think that there are a lot of solid arguments contrary to this approach. There are numerous methods to obtaining an SSL certificate but the service I'm going to be using for this post is . . .

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March 23, 2017