Eric Williams

Using VSCode as your git editor

I noticed that the latest revisions of the git installer was showing VSCode as an option to be the git editor. This means for features where you have to work with a commit message or a rebase todo you can use VS Code to do your task.

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To enable this all you have to do is add a line under your [core] node so that you have the . . .

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January 25, 2018

Building a Solution with dotnet cli nuget templates

If we move past the previous post thing I think we end up on a little 's' series for which I walked though some uses of dotnet new:

With the last post ending up having a reusable solution template but it was living on the . . .

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February 21, 2017

Building a Solution with dotnet cli templates

In a previous post I showed an example of using dotnet cli commands to create a sample web solution with a web project that has dependencies on models and services projects and a test project that also is in the mix. I personally think that is super useful and I can think of scenarios where I will be using that. Another scenario is where you . . .

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February 20, 2017

Using VS Code as a git diff tool

As Visual Studio Code continues to evolve there are some command line switches that make it even more interesting to use.

By issuing /path/to/vscode sourcefile destinationfile --diff you can have VS Code display a visual file diff. On its own that is somewhat useful if you have to files in different locations you want to diff.

. . .

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February 13, 2017

Building a Solution with dotnet cli

The latest version of the dotnet cli is offering some nice features for getting a .NET software solution started. This can enable scenarios where you want to start a project off with some guide rails on where you want your team to put things. Instructions for installing are here

The simple example to talk about it dotnet new mvc . . .

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February 11, 2017

A Better Integrated Terminal for VS Code

VS Code has been around for a while now and one of the nice features from this editor is the ability to start an integrated terminal shell within the application and in the context of your working directory. Out of the box Code ships with the default windows command prompt aka COMSPEC. This can be use for some tasks but having Powershell in . . .

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January 08, 2017